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Our story

Hey Chefs! Diana here. Thanks for visiting our page. James and I started Cavalry because we wanted to fuse our skills and make positive change for the F&B industry.  James is an Executive Chef and I'm a Sustainability Advisor (what the heck is that, right?).  Stick with us on our journey and you'll see.

The idea for Cavalry began when I started doing MOUNTAINS (literally) of laundry that consisted solely of James’s stinky chef coats. I started to question James on how chef jackets are made and if there was a better alternative. To our surprise, even though Hong Kong is a city of over 15,000 restaurants, there were no companies addressing this issue.

Since then, we've began our  journey to provide the F&B industry with better apparel choices – made from natural and sustainable materials with awesome benefits while still functional, comfortable and better for the environment – enduring through hot kitchens and long hours.

For us, our Cavalry is our Family

Our Cavalry is our service crew, a chef’s platoon – the people that make the F&B industry the best and most exciting in the world. And to change the habits and mindset of an entire industry, we need more than just a few soldiers.

We need the Cavalry.

The last thing we wanted to do is start another apparel brand that does more harm than good. Rather, our promise is to shift mindsets towards sustainable development and provide better products for the hospitality industry.

The Cavalry crest

The crest represents the six values that speak to our beliefs and what we think are needed to run a successful kitchen and a purpose-driven business.

About Diana

From St. Louis, Missouri, Diana has been living in Hong Kong for over 10 years. As a Sustainability Advisor, Diana works with some of Asia’s leading companies develop and integrate sustainability strategies into their business operations. She's currently a Masters Candidate at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

About James

A Melbourne native, James has made waves in Hong Kong's F&B scene. He is an Executive Chef for Black Sheep Restaurants most known for leading the opening of one of Hong Kong’s most beloved middle-eastern restaurants, Maison Libanaise. James specialises in middle-eastern food and apprenticed under Michelin-star Chef Greg Malouf.

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